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or why it's profitable to do Queen runs even if you're a noob
Jan 05, 2020
If you've read the previous article, you should know the basic method of quickly farming exp as low level character in Fallout 76. It's point was that you get experience not for killing enemies, but for dealing some damage to them before they died, and it presented some ways to tagging opponents easy. Armed with the knowledge that there's no point of spending dozens of bullets per monster, you should be ready to go face the gamest biggest PvE threats, that is, the Scorched Earth event where you fight the SBQ - Scorched Beast Queen, or Encryptid event where you fight 'Sheepsquatch'. They tend to spawn shitloads monsters and accumulate half the server or more. Since most of the server is there, your presence, while slightly increasing the overall difficulty, will not influence it much. But there will be hundreds of monsters, and they will die anyway, and if you tag them before they do, you'll get a lot of experience. The scorched event also has a guaranteed 2* legendary combat armor drop, has a chance for 3* drop, gives out repair kits, and gives out stable fluxes (a crafting material that's almost a currency, if that inerests you, here's more about currencies in Fallout 76). You might get most of these rewards, as well as lots of exp, simply for being there and running around, if you use the tips from the experience-focused article.



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Article by imprezobus