Maximising the profits from events
Examples of events that could be played "wrong"
Jan 05, 2020
There are certain events that can be played "wrong", which is that their potential to generate profit is underutilised. One Violent Night: As long as there are sounds being made in the building, and the counter haven't reached the finish, the event will spawn additional waves of ghouls, some of which will be legendary. The proper way to execute One Violent Night is to make sure every square feet is covered with rotting remains. It should be kept at under 90% until 27th minute, where its time to finally summon the Wendigo.

Carpet typical for properly executed One Violent Night, Photo: Danon

Horde Event: Similarly to One Violent Night, Horde event is capable to continuously spawn waves of enemies, some of which will be legendary. When you join a horde event with a level 12* radtoad as a target, fear not. The target may be weak, but the adds that it will spawn in later waves will be level-locked to you, which means max-level later. The advantage of horde events are that the next wave can be triggered. If a player fast travels into area near the horde boss, a new wave will be spawned. This makes it so that in two people, it can be used to continuously respawn new opponents, some of them legendary. The bad thing about hordes is that accidentally killing the horde boss, or having someone join the event and finish them concludes the procedure.



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Article by imprezobus