End-game crafting ingridients
Jan 24, 2020
Fluxes are games most expensive craftable materials, reaching 100-300 caps per flux, depening on the market and color of the flux. The most in-demand flux is Violet. The term flux refers to stable flux - one that has been stabilised and is considered junk. Raw flux is considered aid, is used to craft stable flux, detoriates with time, and has no trade value. There are two sources of fluxes in the game. You are awarded some as part of Scorched Earth Event where the whole server gathers to end the queen. You can also craft them yourself. To do that, you need to go to nuke zones and pick up irradiated plants as well as additional ingridients dropped by irradiated enemies you'll find in a nuke zone: Hardeneg Mass, High-radiation Fluid, Glowing mass. You need 10 raw flux to craft single stable flux. You use fluxes for crafting Shielded underarmos that boost your SPECIAL and defence, to craft Power Armor mods, and to craft Mutation Serums. These three craftable items/services are the most popularly bought pricy yet craftable commodities. Fluxes are also necessary to build some CAMP structures and to craft amunition for Prime Receiver weapons.



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Article by imprezobus