How to generate caps
Maximising profit/effort ratio
Jan 05, 2020
The greatest profits that can be made per hour of time is definitely via trading, but to get to the point where you have enough to regularly strike beneficial deals and trades, you'll need enough assets. Before that happens, you'll probably want to get yourself some caps, and you're probably wondering how to do it efficiently. This is not a player-to-player trading guide nor player vending guide. This is "how to get to the point where I pick out max daily caps in minutes with minimal effort". You can extract up to 1400 caps daily from robot vendors per single character per day. You can expand it by having multiple characters, up to 5 per account, for 7000 caps daily limit, if you wish to speed up the profits once you're at the point where you pick out all the daily caps from leftover from yesterday regularly. This article will help you get to the point where 1400 is picked out easily. My advice is that if you're low level scrambling for caps, ignore them for now and concentrate on training efficiently, until you get past level 50, after which all forms of farming will be much more time-efficient. To get past 50 cheaply and quickly, you can use these tips for easy exp. To accumulate caps during the training efficiently, pick up all the meat and all the weapons that opponents drop. Disassembly these weapons when you're beginning your farming expedition, and when you're heading back, stop disassembling and instead hoard. Sell these weapons, cook the meats and sell them too. You might want to setup lots of water purifiers and let them produce passive income, but in my opinion the profits are not worth the harvesting hassle. Try not to spend, lots of stuff you might get for free, lots of stuff is not actually worth the money. To earn caps easily, you'll need to gather up a noticeable amount first. By noticable amount, I mean around 18k, because this is around how much you'll need to pay for Mutation Serum Recipe in Whitesprings Bunker Scientific Wing. Serums are quite pricey, and with enough charisma, you'll be able to take out 1400 caps by selling 4 those serums. If you spend an evening grinding the mats to craft serums, you can then use them for many days to pick out the daily caps. With a help of friend or a private server, you can transfer excess serums to other characters. This way, with appropriate preparation beforehand, you can net 7000 daily caps income in around 10 minutes, not factoring the time spend for preparation, which would probably be at 10-15 minutes.



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Article by imprezobus