"There's an invisible guy out there"
Chameleon Armor, Mutation, Stealthboys
Jan 05, 2020
There are four types of invisibility effects in this game:
  • Chameleon Mutation;
  • Chameleon Armor;
  • Escape Artist Perk Card;
  • Consumable items such as Stealthboys or Phantom Devices;
Chameleon Mutation provides magnitude 99 bonus (whatever that is) to your sneak when it triggers. It allows you to be invisible while standing still, but require that you wear no armor, or all armor you wear is weightless. When you shoot from Chameleon Mutation invisibility, you cease to be invisible for a short while. Chameleon Armor provides magnitude 20 bonus (whatever that is) to your sneak when it triggers. The higher this bonus, the less visible your character be. It allows you to be invisible while crouching, which is not considered standing still. However, if you jump in place, you remain invisible, but are considered standing, which makes it so that these targets are often quite hard to damage. Chameleon Armor stacks, but its not recommended to put more than one if you're after sneaking playstyle, because Harder to Detect gives higher advantage. You don't loose invisibility when shooting under Chameleon Armor effect. If you're staggered and moved out of position by enemy fire, you will lose your invisibility for a while. Escape Artist Perk puts you invisible for a short while after you crouch. It's easy to not notice it in practice, as people who would use it usually have at least one chameleon piece. This is enough to break the VATS channeling should someone start it. After a short invisible while, it ceases working. Stealthboys give you invisibility for a period after consumption. You can move and shoot freely and keep the effect. It is possible to prolong this period with Secret Agent perk cart.



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Article by imprezobus