Low Level Power Armors
Information on how to get them
Jan 25, 2020
Raider Power Armor starts from level 15 and can be rather easily gathered by visiting these two areas. They have a chance to spawn incomplete frame containing some pieces, You might need do jump to this areas few tims, once per day, to get full set. The left one was raider outpost, and the right one is a cool shack containing various resources, where you can additionaly place a CAMP. To get Excavator power armor, you need to be at least level 25, as this is the lowest level you can craft one. You receive the quest that's related to Excavator by visiting Garrahan Mining Headquaters, located in southeast part of the map, in the Ash Heap. You begin the quest by interacting with a poster in the lobby. To get the plan, get "deeper" into the building, where pretty straightforward path leads you to engineering room. Terminal in there will teach you crafting the plans - you'll still need to gather resources to craft it.



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Article by imprezobus