Deciding which niche you want to take
The first decision in character creation
Jan 05, 2020
There are several niches in this game that you could take. Some of them are popular, some of them are quite exotic, some of them would have their followers if not for the fact they suck. The point of this article is to help you find a niche for yourself. The main niches, directly derived from available perk cards are: > Commando - automatic rifles, the most powerful between the most universal niches > Heavy - usually slow and clunky, capable of reaching great DPS > Melee - melee weapons in a game that's about shooting are sentenced to follow one of two design paths: either they are powerful, or they are irrelevant. Fortunately, when melees finally get in range, they are powerful. > Shotgunner - on long range, they function as cripplers, on short range they function as melee > Rifleman - the weaker cousin of commando family > Guerilla - "standard' pistols might have some advantages over rifles in certain areas, but "minmaxed" rifles outperform pistols in every possible way, this is only valid if you wanna go exotic > Gunslinger - the weaker cousin of Guerilla family These niches often come with themes, themes may be applied onto different niches, it's a way to specialise within the niche: > Bloodied, Bloodbuilds, lowHP builds - characters organised around benefiting from lowHP effects such as Bloodied legendary modifier, Adrenal Reaction mutation, Nerd rage and/or Serendipity perks, Unyielding or Bolstering Armor > Junkies - characters that have multiple chemical dependencies, withdrawal symptoms of five different ones, slightly reduced special and noticeable firepower. It deals high damage, less then bloodied but mostly more than anything else, and its generally easier to focus on tankiness on these builds > Spammer - Certain weapons in this game love Quad magazines, certain people do too, and they mostly use weapons that allow ridiculous amounts of violent spam > Quantum-boi - Playstyle based mostly on spamming semi-infinite amounts of aid items, especially nuka cola quantums. These builds are themed for maximum benefits of consuming aid items. There are those who play like this and gather all their aid legitly, but they are in the minority. This approach is mostly focused on PvP, and was unmaintainable when PvP was happening on now-deactivated Survival Servers and dying meant dropping part of aid items. The exotic niches, that require careful planning to perform their additional functions and remain viable: > Medic/Tank - character oriented at regenerating health of their whole team > Staggermaister - character oriented not at dealing damage, but at maximising their spread, crippling and staggering potential. Shotguns with explosive mod, enforcer perk card and maximum spread, 'legacy' explosive laser rifles, energy heavy weapons



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Article by imprezobus