How to prevent yourself from being murdered
An introduction to Player-to-Player interactions
Jan 05, 2020
This article will help you understand some of the interactions that will happen between you and other players. Players generally can't deal damage to other players until PvP between them is initiated. The easiest way to initiate PvP is that one non-pacifist player shoots another non-pacifist, and in response, the other one shoots back. Opening PvP between two players means opening PvP between two teams - any team members of players in initiated PvP are in initiated PvP too. If you die in PvP, you might be allowed several options: seek revenge, ignore, respawn. Seek revenge puts you, still in PvP, somewhere nearby. Respawn ceases the PvP. Ignore blocks the player for given session. It's confusing and lots of people interpreted this 'ignore the fact I've been killed this is my mate'. If you're not looking for a fight, and want to safely spam your weapons without the risk of triggering PvP, there's a setting available under Settings:Gameplay:Pacifist, which, when enabled, prevents you from dealing any damage to players (and thus initiating PvP). Other players can still do damage to you, in case PvP is initiated between you by other means. There's an internal voice communication tool available in the game. Set it to push to talk if you don't want to be muted by other players and don't want to be rude. It has four additional settings: Off, Auto, Team, Area. Auto means that its area when you're not in team, and team when teamed up. If you want to communicate with other teams, set your voice chat to Area. Majority of the community is very friendly, minority of the community is very competitive, and there are terrible dickheads in both PvE and PvP parts of the community. Competitiveness doesn't imply dickness, preference for coop playstyle doesn't mean those who share it are free from toxicity. This is an M rated online game. You might encounter PvE toxicity when talking about game design decisions on forums, and PvP toxicity when interacting with griefers, cheaters and some of the spectrum of trolls that you'll meet in the game. You'll also meet amazing trolls, as even with the limited toolset this game providers, some of the creations in F76 made it to general gaming news. These are the conditions that allows other players to initiate PvP seemingly "without consent": > You are teamed up with someone, and they have initiated PvP with players who are now your opponents > You are within a workshops build area that is owned by you or somebody in your team. Another player has contested the ownership of this workshop You can be damaged without initiating PvP by: > CAMP traps: radiation emitters, flame throwers, arc traps, displacement traps (the ones that push you back by a meter, conveniently over the cliff) > Unintended, and will be most probably fixed: radiation from nuka mines Players can't rob your private stash, and you don't need to protect it - if they come to your camp, and open your stashbox, they see their own stuff. The only things players can rob you from is the junk that you have on yourself, and caps equal to your level (with a maximum cap of 50 caps). These are the popular junk stealing methods: > Trapbase: some clever design that pushes you over the cliff, destroys the floor you stand on, locks you in a room whose walls explode to unleash mechanical wrath upon you. If you have a feeling it's a trap, then it most likely is - stash your junk and enjoy the trap > The merchant: you are being invited to the team, a friend of your "teammate" attacks them, they shoot back, initiating PvP, and their friend shoots you. Don't be teamed up with strangers while purchasing large quantities of junk > The visitor: you're minding your business and decorating a workshop, and suddenly everything explodes - you've been spotted by a raider How to prevent yourself being a victim: > If they won't find you, they won't harm you. When you crouch, a short countdown starts, when it ends, you disappear from the map for players that aren't your friends > Communicate with the people around you, and you might achieve surprising results. 'Hey mister raider, would you explain me how not to suck' will most likely get you your stuff back, as well as some tips > Never be non-crouched in workshops > Don't be teamed up with strangers when buying or selling big quantities of junk > Be mindful of your teammates expectations - one non-pacifist exposes whole team > Git gud, we'll help ya



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Article by imprezobus