The best ways to farm Plastic
Sep 03, 2020

´╗┐Plastic is one of the most essential junk in Fallout 76.
It is used to for most thing, from crafting bulk junk to armors
Truth is, you will always need plastic, that's why we bring you this guide.

There are many items that gives you Plastic after you deconstruct them, so we will mention only part of them: 

1. High Schools
Morgantown and Watoga High Schools have a lot of plastic forks, plates, etc.
Morgantown (M) is one of the start locations so you should not have any problem with that.
Watoga (W) is "endgame" location so you can have a little problem without good gear.
Collect plastic cutlery (M/W), bowling pins (M), golf balls (M) and plastic pumpkins (M).

2. Cat Lady Home
It is location near Morgantown High School where you can easily get around 50 plastic.
Collect red cat bowl that gives you 2x plastic, remember that some of them are not collectible.

Location of Cat Lady Home

3. Supermutants
Supermutants are nice source of plastic because they drops Laser Rifles. 
Scrapping Laser Rifle gets you 4x plastic. REMEMBER to equip Scrapper Perk before start scrapping. 
Here are the locations where you can find a lot of Supermutants:

  • Huntersville
  • West Tek Research Center
  • National Isolated Radio Array



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Article by Gray770