The PvP damage cap in practice
Or what does the '110' actually mean
Jan 05, 2020
In an attempt to regulate the damages the players did to one another, Bethesda has implemented maximum PvP damage cap. Initially it took value of 190, right now it sits at 110. Players that were used to dealing 500 damage per hit learned that now they can deal maximum 190 per hit, and instantly, lot of them began to think "well its per hit so if I shot with something that shots 8 times for 60 will that jump the damage cap" and the answer was yes, so there was a period in this game where this particular pathway was the most effective. But this game is at constant flux, and when the damage cap was reduced to 110, the damage has been additionally reworked all across the board. As a result, something that was once quite obvious - reaching the 190 threshold - is not so easy to achieve anymore, even if the threshold has been lowered. Some time ago I was asked what'd be better decision PvP-wise: continue with his bloodied rifle, or switch to two-shot, as both weapons hit for over 200, the damage cap was 110 anyway, and two-shot would hit twice hence circumvent the 110 cap. I said "first, deal me 110 damage" - even the bloodied rifle had problems with that, and two-shot hits were barely noticeable. Right now, the hardest to counter are the effects that deal damage in quick succession - whole series from automatic carbines that manage to find their target, tesla rifles spam, the poison DoT effects from Strangler Heart Power Armor. The trend will likely to continue with addition of 4* and 5* weapons, as lot of these legendary mods contain DoT effects. In the reality where reaching 110 per hit is often nontrivial, multiple ticks of 25 damage in a single second do the trick nicely. If you're fighting against Strangler Heart PA poison effect, it might be impossible to survive the DoT without some poison resistance pieces. Since the release of SH PAs, the prices of poison resistance pieces grew to the levels similar of AP refresh ones.



The game is often being adjusted under the hood, and to have precise results, its necessary to periodically retest everything. If there's something that you think should be retested, or you want to share:

Article by imprezobus