"I shoot him so many times and did nothing, and he turned around and oneshot me"
a guide to damage reduction and health regeneration
Jan 05, 2020
Imagine having a nice sports car and challenging a friend for a race. Let's say you tell them to pick up the track and the rules, and he comes up with the race being about trailing trucks through frozen lakes, where your sports car is quite useless, and he arrives at the starting point with a truck designed for that purpose. In such situation, your all-around awesome car won't help you, as you need to be adjusted to the environment you want to handle. In this example, the all-around awesome sports car useless for our use-case is the PvE build, and the environmentally-adjusted truck is the PvP-focused build. PvP is more complicated than PvE is, and the ceiling is placed as high as the most extreme players pushed it. This is why builds that seem fine against PvE are easily burned when opposing players with 60-70% armor penetration that's not really that important because they VATSshred these builds instantly anyway. So, if you're standing still, are within 50 meters distance from your opponent, and are not under invisibility effects, in PvP terms you don't have any armor because you get VATS-targeted and killed. The first step to remedy that is to crouch, which gives you much more time before critical hits start reaching you, completely ignoring your armor. If you remain crouched and was not damaged manually in recent moments, you can't be VATSed. The main effects that make players able to survive a barrage of pointless shots are: > Assassin, that has a chance to directly negate portion of the damage > Sentinel, that has a chance to directly negate portion of the damage if its owner is standing still > Alternatively, for those who prefer running there's Cavalier, and there's also an exotic and unpopular set that reduces the incoming damage while you're blocking > Power Armor provides additional, in-built % damage reduction thats unconditional > For explosive damage reduction, Fireproof perk and Dense Armors are being used > Dodgy, perk card that effectively uses your AP bar as your secondary HP bar. To start dealing any serious HP damage to players, it's necessary to first deplete them from action points by spending some shots on Dodgy. > Healing Factor - if you shoot from range higher than 10 meters, and your opponent is not engaged in PvE, their healing effects will kick in, and if your damage is not high, they might outheal what you do > Nerd rage - for bloodbuilds, it's another damage reduction source > Serendipity - for bloodbuilds and everyone whos HP has been brought low, Serendipity means a chance to dodge 100% of the incoming damage > Automatic-response healing effects such as auto-stim armor or Born Survivor perk might have saved the surprised target for enough time to let them compose themselves and turn around to fight > Some of the players additionally will heavily spam AID items that will regenerate their health and AP > There are also AID bonuses that are not being similarly spammed and that provide protection, such as Psychobuff The damage cap per single tick of damage is 110, so no hit can go higher than this. If you played with full health, it's impossible to be one-shot, but it's possible that several shots happened in such a quick succession that it was perceived as instant.



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Article by imprezobus