So I can repair my equipment without the repair kits?
a story of a User Interface adjustment thats malevolent
Jan 05, 2020
When the game was released, the only way to repair your equipment was to use the junk resources that you have gathered, as an action performed in appropriate workbench. Later in the game, two types of repair kits were implemented to the game. One of them, regular repair kit, has been added to Atom Store, and has been criticised as breaking the "cosmetic-only" promises made by Bethesda. It costs 10 atoms, and repairs single item once, to 100% of its CND bar. The other one, improved repair kit is being given out as additional award for events such as Scorched Earth or Encryptid, it's only obtainable in-game, and repairs the item to 150% of its CND bar. WIth the introduction of Repair Kits, the UI for fixing items has been modified - the repair with materials option has been moved to deeper depth of the UI, available upon Inspecting the gun. From usability point of view, players use repair kits when they are caught barehanded or bare-feet in a hostile environment, and they use the workbenches and their junk when they are at their CAMPS or workshops. This is why workbench repair option being moved to deeper depth is a terrible UX move, as the default in such case is to use materials, not repair kits. From new players perspective, I've received numerous complaints they've been spending their challenge atoms on repair kits to fix their crap before they learned they can repair with junk.



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Article by imprezobus