The best ways to farm Screws
Sep 04, 2020

Screws are one  of the most important junk in Fallout 76.
They are used in the crafting of weapons, armors, mods and EVERYTHING.
You will always seem to never have enough, that's why we bring you this guide.

There are many items that gives you Screws after you deconstruct them, so we will mention only part of them: 

1. Colossal Problem and Wendigo
Wendigo are good source of screws, they drop 5-8 screws and are easy to find.
Don't care about single Wendigo on map, focus on Colossal Problem event that spawns Wendigo
Remember that you can farm small Wendigo until Earle's death.

Location of Event: Colossal Problem

2. Abandoned Bog Town, National Radio Astronomy Research Center, Sugar Grove
Collect typewriters, antique globes at top floor of multi-story building, at Abandoned Bog Town.
At National Radio Astronomy Research Center, collect desk fans, typewriters and antique globes.
Sugar Grove is well equipped with office desk fans. Check outside and then enter inside to collect much more.



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Article by Gray770