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Shortcuts & definitions you must know
Jun 22, 2020

Most important shortcuts and definitions in MMORPG games and Fallout 76 that you must know

They are used everywhere, unfortunately a lot of new players that Fallout 76 is first encounter with "MMORPG" games don't know a lot of them.

On market there are three most important shortcuts: WTB/WTS/WTT
Basically - Want To Buy/Sell/Trade,
IGN - In Game Name, your nickname,
Price Check - price valuated by other player,
Karma - system used by Market 76, verification of player when trade,

Legacy - items deleted from drop list.
It doesn't mean that items acquired by players long time ago were deleted.
For Fallout 76, legacy is explosive weapon - ex. B/E Laser lub TS/E Flamer,
PvP - Player versus Player, 
PvE - Player versus Environment,
OP - Overpowered, usually item that's too strong,
LFG - looking for group, you can find it on discord where you can send a notification about event.

MODUS - fallout-styled Discord bot,
PTS - Public Test Server,
ATX - Atomic shop, shortcut usually used when talking about datamined information,
Datamine - information from game files, ex. new ATX content in next month.

Legendary effects abbreviations
These abbreviations refers to three categories: PrefixMajor✰✰Minor✰✰✰
99% of players is using shortcuts, that's why you should learn them ASAP.
Abreviations can be found on our site, here.



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Article by Gray770