The best ways to farm Springs
Sep 18, 2020

Springs are another important junk in Fallout 76.
They are used in the crafting of weapons, armors, power armors and modifications to this items.

There are many items that gives you Screws after you deconstruct them, so we will mention only part of them: 

1. Camp McClintock
This place is full with Battered Clipboards which are great source of springs.
You should find there around 32 Clipboards which gives 1x spring and 1 Typewriter.

Location of Camp McClintock

2. Sugar Grove
Sugar Grove is an office building which contains a lot of Battered Clipboards, and Desk Fans (screws)
You should find there around 43 Battered Clipboards.

Location of Sugar Grove

3. Abandoned Bog Town
Another location with office building which contains around
3 Battered Clipboards, and 9 Typewriters.
There is also Police Station where you can find 2 Battered Clipboards and 3 Handcuffs (1x spring)

Location of Abandoned Bog Town

4. Ohio River Adventures
Ohio River Adventures is one of Raider reputation farming spot.
You can find 17 Life Preservers (1x spring) there.

Location of Ohio River Adventures



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Article by Gray770