The best ways to farm Steel
Jun 22, 2020

Steel is one of the most important and often, junk in Fallout 76.
Although it's almost everywhere, it's worth to optimize farm of it using those methods.

The best workshop to get steel is Grafton Steel Yard, it's located on Toxic Valley
In Grafton Steel Yard workshop there are two steel extractors, one vein of copper, oil and lead.
By claiming workshop you need to remember that players can overtake it and this will lead to PvP.

Location of Grafton Steel Yard workshop, Photo: Gray770

Uranium Fever and Line in Sand
Uranium fever located on Savage Divide can bring us many useful junk...
Mole Miner drops weapons, filters and mole miner suit scraps which gives us a good amount of junk.
Event Line in Sand  focuses on waves of Scorched. After surviving all the waves and completing the event you must collect all of Scorched's weapons. The best way to maximize scrap from Uranium Fever and Line in Sand is to do them on private server because then we can collect around one thousand steel. Public servers have one big problem with loot sharing. If you don't mark a enemy you will not get an loot from him.

Supermutants are cool, seriously.
All of the Supermutants except Suicider always have a weapons. They can have a lasers or normal weapons like Assault Rifle or Minigun. Supermutants are also very efficient as a xp farm so you can combine these two things. That's why they are considered as the best way to get steel and plastic.

The best route for Supermutants is:
Huntersville -> West-Tek -> National Isolated Radio Array

The best route of Supermutants to get steel, Photo: Gray770



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Article by Gray770