Weapons that use 0 Action Points per VATS shot

Guide to zeroVATS weapons

Info status: Published | Jan. 24, 2020, 4:52 p.m.

Yes, you read that right, it is possible to mod certain weapons in such way that they consume zero Action Points per shot in VATS. I have learned this from u/giant_key. If you look upon the explanations what's hidden from in-game definitions, you'll see that certain mods reduce AP cost by percentage. For Ballistic Pistols and Rifles, the AP cost modification from turning semi weapon into automatic one is -50%. Legendary 25% mod stacks with this directly, putting the reduction at 75%. You need 25% more AP reduction from other mods, and this you can achieve by using: Aligned barrel, any length (-5%) Aligned or Forceful stock (-5%) Quick or Swift Magazines (-5% each) Reflex sights (-10%)*
*The data on nukacrypt.com suggest the reflex sights provide 15% reduction, but in my experience if you don't apply all these mods the weapon, while barely consuming any AP, will not be zeroVATS weapon.
When you configure this weapon like so, it will become a zeroVATS one, a gun that does not consume AP, and hence the ones capable of achieving the highest sustained DPS. Without the legendary -25%, the lowest AP reduction that can be achieved is 75%



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