Fallout 76 Communities

This tool serves as an aggregate of various Fallout 76 communities around the world, aimed to help players find like-minded people that share the same definition of fun. If you want your team or hub mentioned here, contact us via this form.

Awesome global Fallout 76 Communities:

Link Name Type Platforms Description Tags
Filthy Casuals Community Multiplatform
It's a pleasure to recommend a gathering of folks as friendly and welcoming as r/fo76FilthyCasuals!
It's a Reddit and Discord community that takes chilling out with healthy dose of seriousness.
Fallout 76 Discord Hub Multiplatform
A community Fallout 76 group with 11k+ members. Offers general chatting with other users, in-game help and technical support, camp showcasing, trade, and LFG channels
Fallout 76 Dataminers Community Multiplatform Not all heroes wear capes, some of them just like to learn things and share those lessons further. Fallout 76 Datamining is a community that's focused on helping Vault Dwellers with staying informed and prepared to face the Wastelands challenges and puzzles. They're usually busy doing good work and don't look for appreciation, and didn't write this text - we wrote it at FED - because this appreciation is well deserved. Datamining
NukaGals Community Multiplatform We're an inclusive women's and LGBTQ+ only group. We make it easy for the Gals of the wasteland to meet new players, team up, and help each other survive. Weekly events, lots of help and even giveaways. NoMacho
Fallout 76 for Mature Players Hub Multiplatform We are a group of players that want an enjoyable experience playing Fallout 76. Your age doesn't matter but your maturity does. Griefers, dupers and anyone that just wants to bash the game can look else where. Inclusive
The Enclave Community Multiplatform Tired of wondering the wasteland alone? Looking for a group of friends to PVE, PVP and hang out with? We’re a family friendly 15+ discord with over 3300 members of all nationalities, growing every day, across all platforms! With events, active chats, giveaways and more we guarantee you’ll enjoy your stay with us – join the Enclave today! Inclusive
The MODUS Project Community Multiplatform
Home to MODUS and its developers!