Item Pricing Tool


Welcome to instructions for FED76 Pricing Tool. This tool provides rough estimate, not pin-point precision - items are worth as much as someone is willing to pay for them, finding the right buyer increases the value. The main factor in the end price is either your work put into finding buyers, or your luck.

Bear in mind that this is rough approximation designed to help players that haven't learned the market yet.

What this system is NOT:

  • Automated market price gathering tool
  • Scalpel-precision pricing operation
  • Reference for powergamers how to powergame better
  • It's not smart enough to understand differences between:
    • PS4/PC/XBOX
    • National and international market
    • 31000 and 32000 caps

What this system IS:

  • Rule and table based model
  • Rough approximation
  • Scrip / Caps / Trade classifier for players troubled with the prices
  • Coupled with a trigger mechanism that shows additional info, explaining the reasons
  • Price approximator based on lots of trading and LOTS of testing
  • Focused mostly on teaching users how to price stuff themselves

How does the algorithm work?

First, it attributes numeric values to each item and effect.
Second, it attributes modifiers to pairs formed from an item and an effect. This colors efffects on the website green or red.
Third, it attributes modifiers to combination between an item and a particular combination of effects. This colors the effects on website blue.
Finally, it multiplies all the values received together, and processes them into ranges.
The values in the algorithm are focused more on global players market and transactions brokered outside of the game.

What is Vendor Prices gathering?

The system is now able to receive real vendor prices directly from the game.
If particular item has price entries in our database, their median and average are additionally displayed.
The only processing of the received data we do is duplicate prevention
These values reflect in-game Player Vending market, and are not exactly representative of global market.

After you price an item, a white box appears with its shortened reference. These shortened forms can be used to trigger bot integration and pricecheck directly on discord

You can use FED76 Pricing Tool directly on discord, via Modus, with simple command that will recognise multiple names for items and effects as long as you order them correctly.
>fed handmade b/25/25
>fed metal cham/ap/sent heavy

You can find command formulas in the "Abbreviations" field of the pricing tool. For more information about the integration, visit this page.



The game is often being adjusted under the hood, and to have precise results, its necessary to periodically retest everything. If there's something that you think should be retested, or you want to share: