Plan Collector Commands

This is the list of commands/links that you can use to access our guides, tools, links & resources for all things plan & mod related as well as a few other goodies

This is the list of commands/links that you can use to access our guides, tools, links & resources for all things plan & mod related as well as a few other goodies

Modus query:
>tpc ammo

Click here for a guide to ammo yields
Spreadsheet link

>tpc asylum

The figures below are the chances of the asylum uniforms appearing at a single spawn point in Fort Defiance. There are three spawn points.
Nothing 1/1.25
Dirty 1/15
Weathered 1/15
White 1/30
Brown 1/60
Green 1/120
Blue 1/240
Pink 1/480
Yellow 1/960
Forest 1/1066
Red 1/9615

>tpc containers

Click here for a list of all plans that can be found in containers

>tpc dailies

Daily rotation schedules can be confusing. Thanks to Chraczil for this spreadsheet that explains how it works.

>tpc database

Click here for the Fallout 76 Plan & Mod Database

Also Click here for a basic plan list that might be helpful until the above is updated in full

>tpc enclaveplasma

Click here for a summary of the available Enclave Plasma Gun mods and how to get them

>tpc encounters

These are the locations where random encounter "objects" can be found (civil war re-enacter, trick or treater, raider corpse)

Civil War Re-enactor: Toxic Valley
Plan: Civil War Era Dress
Plan: Civil War Era Suit
Plan: Civil War Era Top Hat
Plan: Confederate Uniform
Plan: Confederate Hat
Plan: Union Uniform
Plan: Union Hat

Skeleton Trick-or-Treater: Savage Divide
Plan: Skeleton Costume
Plan: Halloween Skull Mask

Witch Trick-or-Treater: Savage Divide
Plan: Witch Costume
Plan: Costume Witch Hat

Hawke's Refuge / Raider corpse: Mire
Plan: Skiing Outfit

>tpc enemies

Click here for a list of all plans that can be found from enemies

>tpc fasnacht

Click here for the current reward list for the seasonal Fasnacht Day event

If you are trying to price check Fasnacht plans, write this: ">tpc price fasnacht"

>tpc grahm

These are Grahm's unique plans:
Plan: Domestic Kitchen Tables
Plan: Metal Picnic Table
Plan: Mirror Ball
Plan: Park Bench (Also sold by Carver Timmerman)
Plan: Radiation Emitter
Plan: Starburst Clock
Plan: Stone Benches
Plan: Black Domestic Kitchen Tables
Plan: Brown Domestic Kitchen Tables
Plan: White Domestic Kitchen Tables
Plan: Clean Park Bench
Plan: Suitcase - Black
Plan: Suitcase - Blue
Plan: Suitcase - Green
Plan: Suitcase - Orange
Plan: Suitcase - Pink
Plan: Suitcase - Purple
Plan: Suitcase - Red
Plan: Suitcase - Yellow
Plan: Mirror Ball - Blue
Plan: Mirror Ball - Green
Plan: Mirror Ball - Pink
Plan: Mirror Ball - Red
Plan: Picnic Table - Blue
Plan: Picnic Table - Green
Plan: Picnic Table - Pink
Plan: Picnic Table - Red
Plan: Picnic Table - White
Recipe: Chally's Feed (during meat week only)

Grahm also sells uncommon weapon plans as follows:
Plan: Meat Hook
Plan: Fire Axe
Plan: Chinese Officer Sword
Plan: Sledge Hammer
Plan: Gamma Gun
Plan: Super Sledge
Plan: War Drum
Plan: Shishkebab
Plan: Ripper

Grahm can also sell a range of uncommon CAMP plans:
Plan: Signs and Letters
Plan: Long Rustic Bench
Plan: Short Rustic Bench
Plan: Long Pew
Plan: Short Pew
Plan: Communism Posters
Plan: Locker
Plan: Metal Bench
Plan: Safe
Plan: Tool Chest
Plan: Cooler
Plan: Suitcase
Plan: Toolbox

>tpc holiday

Click here for the Holiday Gifts and Festive Scorched event rewards

>tpc invaders

Click here for the current reward list for the seasonal Invaders from Beyond event

>tpc junk

Really good guide to junk farming "where to find all the things":>

Original post for credit:

>tpc learn2drop

The following legendaries need the plan to be learned before they will drop from the purveyor/events:
Brotherhood Recon Armor 🚫
Secret Service Armor 🚫
Cattleprod 🚫
Sheepsquatch Club
Sheepsquatch Staff
Shepherd's Crook
Bear Arm
Gauntlet 🚫
War Glaive 🚫
Plasma Cutter 🚫
Compound Bow
Gauss Pistol 🚫
The Fixer
Gauss Shotgun 🚫
Plasma Caster 🚫
Gauss Minigun 🚫
Hellstorm Missile Launcher1 🚫
Crusader Pistol 🚫
T-51, T-60, X-01, Ultracite, Excavator PA
T-65/Hellcat PA 🚫
Almost all weapons can now be crafted/re-rolled as legendary
The ones with 🚫 cannot be traded
In addition enemies are supposed to drop legendary versions of the above, but currently cannot due to a bug
And finally, thorn and solar armor can be crafted legendary but cannot drop from enemies/purveyor

>tpc maps

Click here for treasure map drop lists by region

>tpc meatweek

Click here for the Meat Week Rewards

>tpc minerva

Location: See below for Minerva's schedule
(everything starts and ends at 12pm EST)
Visit #105: Jan 8 - Jan 10 (Foundation) [list 9]
Visit #106: Jan 15 - Jan 17 (Crater) [list 10]
Visit #107: Jan 22 - Jan 24 (Fort Atlas) [list 11]
Visit #108: Feb 1 - Feb 5 (Whitespring) [big sale: list 9-11]
Visit #109: Feb 12 - Feb 14 (Foundation) [list 13]
Visit #110: Feb 19 - Feb 21 (Crater) [list 14]
Visit #111: Feb 26 - Feb 28 (Fort Atlas) [list 15]
Visit #112: Mar 7 - Mar 11 (Whitespring) [big sale: list 13-15]
Visit #113: Mar 18 - Mar 20 (Foundation) [list 17]
Visit #114: Mar 25 - Mar 27 (Crater) [list 18]
Visit #115: Apr 1 - Apr 3 (Fort Atlas) [list 19]
Visit #116: Apr 11 - Apr 15 (Whitespring) [big sale: list 17-19]
Visit #117: Apr 22 - Apr 24 (Foundation) [list 21]
Visit #118: Apr 29 - May 1 (Crater) [list 22]
Visit #119: May 6 - May 8 (Fort Atlas) [list 23]
Visit #120: May 16 - May 20 (Whitespring) [big sale: list 21-23]
Visit #121: May 27 - May 29 (Foundation) [list 1]
Visit #122: Jun 3 - Jun 5 (Crater) [list 2]
Visit #123: Jun 10 - Jun 12 (Fort Atlas) [list 3]
Visit #124: Jun 20 - Jun 24 (Whitespring) [big sale: list 1-3]
Visit #125: Jul 1 - Jul 3 (Foundation) [list 5]
Visit #126: Jul 8 - Jul 10 (Crater) [list 6]
Visit #127: Jul 15 - Jul 17 (Fort Atlas) [list 7]
Visit #128: Jul 25 - Jul 29 (Whitespring) [big sale: list 5-7]
Visit #129: Aug 5 - Aug 7 (Foundation) [list 9]
Visit #130: Aug 12 - Aug 14 (Crater) [list 10]
Visit #131: Aug 19 - Aug 21 (Fort Atlas) [list 11]
Visit #132: Aug 29 - Sep 2 (Whitespring) [big sale: list 9-11]

>tpc mothman

Click here for the current reward list for the seasonal Mothman Equinox event

>tpc onetime

These plans stop dropping once you have learned them:
Plan: Mounted Scorchbeast Queen
Plan: Decontamination Shower
Plan: Chinese Officer Sword Electrified Blade / Serrated Blade
Plan: Puncturing Pole Hook
Plan: Electrified Assaultron Blade
Plan: Bladed Commie Whacker
Plan: Prime [weapon] (but can be found in old 2019 holiday gifts)
(some plans such as war glaive will stop dropping after learning but not listed here as can't be traded)

These plans are obtained in order and once you learn each plan, the next on the list becomes available. If you have learned all, no more paints will drop.
Plan: T-60 BOS Knight/Knight CPT/Knight SGT/Officer/Paladin/Elder Paint
These plans are not available from vendors once learned:
Plan: Treated/Resistant Lining BoS/Marine/Raider Underarmor (raider can drop from events still)
Plan: Treated/Resistant/Protective Lining Operative/Casual Underarmor
Plan: Shielded Lining Operative Underarmor (world spawn still available)

>tpc ops

Click here for the Daily Ops reward list

>tpc outfits

Click here for a list of all apparel that can be found in the game

>tpc quests

Click here for a list of all plans that can be obtained from quests/events/dailies

>tpc rareplans

Click here for a quick guide to rare/valuable plans

>tpc resets

Here are the timings and re-spawns of the various in-game items, events and vendors:

caps, scrip, treasury note exchange - 20hrs from 1st purchase/sale after most recent reset
ally dailies - 24 hours from quest completion
daily SCORE challenges - 12pm ET
weekly SCORE challenges - Tuesday 12pm ET
atom store updates - Tuesday 12pm ET
daily ops reset - 1pm EDT (12pm EST)
faction dailies - 7pm ET
regional dailies - fixed day-specific rotation with cycling through region-specific dailies. May need to FT to region.
BIV, Stings & Things, Operation Tidy - 20 hours from quest completion
World spawns/container resets - 250 items/containers looted (actual rules more complex)
Smiley - 12:00am GMT Monday (usually 7/8pm EST Sunday)
Nuke Codes - Friday 8pm ET
Silo cooldown: personal - 3 hours
Silo cooldown: server - 3 hours (use the holotape)
Encryptid cooldown - 3 hours
Riding Shotgun cooldown - TBD (we know that you need to wait 1 hour upon creation of a private server for the event to be available)
Refuge Dailies - 1pm ET

>tpc responderbot

Here are the key items that the responder bot stocks:
Guaranteed Plans:
Plan: Cuckoo Clock
Plan: Nuka-Cola Clock

Plus 2 outfits of a list of 27 of which these are unique/rare:
Clean Spacesuit
Fisherman's Overalls
Grey Fisherman's Overalls
Hunter's Long Coat
Longshoreman Outfit
Ranger Outfit Clean
Skiing Red And Green Outfit
Straight Jacket Clean
Winter Jacket and Jeans

(There is also a random encounter "scavenger trader" that can stock 5 outfits from the same list of 27)

Location of Responderbot (forest ones only):
Location of Scavenger trader:

>tpc roadmap

Here is the latest Fallout76 roadmap and community calendar:

Community Calendar

>tpc scrapping

Click here for the Fallout 76 "Scrap to Learn" calculator:

>tpc spooky

Click here for the "Spooky Scorched" community event rewards

>tpc treasure

Click here for the Treasure hunter event reward list

>tpc ultracite

Ultracite PA mod plans can be rare and hard to farm. Here are the tiers and odds of getting them from the SBQ:

Ultracite Tier 5: 0.081%
Calibrated Shocks, Reactive Plates, Targeting HUD, Tesla Coils
Ultracite Tier 4: 0.315%
Emergency Protocols, Optimized Servos, Overdrive Servos
Ultracite Tier 3: 0.63%
Blood Cleanser, Core Assembly, Kinetic Dynamo, Kinetic Servos, Welded Rebar
Ultracite Tier 2: 3.5%
Hydraulic Bracers, Medic Pump, Rusty Knuckles
Ultracite Tier 1: 7%
Internal Database, Sensor Array, Motion-Assist Servos, Optimized Bracers, Cooling Vents

>tpc vendors

Click here for a list of all the plans sold by in-game vendors and where to find them

>tpc worldspawns

Click here for a list of all plans that can appear in world spawns

>tpc xpguide

Here are some great guides to buffing your intelligence and XP gain in no particular order: