The best ways to farm Acid
Sep 01, 2020

Acid is one of the most wanted junk in Fallout 76.
It's used at the Chemistry Station to craft items like Serums or Gunpowder.
If you are going to smelt Lead to craft ammo you will need a lot of it.´╗┐

Items that gives you Acid after you deconstruct them are:

1. Workshops
There are many workshop with acid but the best is Hemlock Holes Maintenance (Toxic Valley)
In Hemlock Holes Maintenance workshop you can deploy three Acid extractors, one Crystal and Gold.
By claiming workshop you need to remember that players can overtake it and this will lead to PvP.

Location of Hemlock Holes Maintenance

2. Events: Colossal Problem, Project: Paradise, Some Hordes
First event - Colossal Problem spawns Wendigo which drops Wendigo teeth.
Scrapping 1x Wendigo teeth gives 2x waste acid. You can farm small Wendigo until Earle's death.
Second event - Project Paradise spawns Yao guai, Cave crickets, Snallygasters and Bloodbugs.
First three mobs drops waste acid and Bloodbugs drops Bloodbug proboscis which contains 2x acid.
Hordes - If you find a Yao guai or Cave Crickets horde, don't kill horde boss. If you leave him be, mobs will frequently spawn in groups and then you can farm Acid.

3. Snallygasters and Yao Guai locations

Snallygasters and Yao Guai are the best mobs to farm Acid. They always drop 5-8 waste acid.
Here are the locations where you can find Snallygasters and Yao Guai:

  • Dolly Sods Wilderness (100% spawn 2 yao guai)
  • Toxic Larry's Meat n' Go (100% spawn 3 snallygasters)
  • Flooded Trainyard (~7 snallygasters)



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Article by Gray770