First steps to set yourself up
some recommendations for the very beginning
Jan 05, 2020
To be able to access heavily irradiated areas, you'll need either Hazmat suit or Power Armor. The quick way to get Hazmat suit is to head to Poseidon Nuclear Plant, get on the roof, and pick one out from the shack. To be able to produce and craft everything comfortably, you'll need at least 8 intelligence for your main/first character. You don't need all that initially, but the more intelligence you have the more experience you get awarded, so it helps in further training. To unlock all power generator plans without caps, complete the Repair the Power Plant event three times. Besides speeding to level 31 to unlock maxlevel Starched Genes and safely add mutations to your character build, you're also probably interested in speeding to obtain Excavator Power Armor. Don't worry with crafting lower level version of Excavator PA - on higher levels, you'll most likely use more combat-effective sets for combat, and the advantages of Excavator will remain valid even if its low-level. First, if its it full set, it provides you additional 100lbs of carrying capacity, and with calibrated shocks mod on legs its whooping 200lbs of additional carry weight. Even if you have a better set, sometimes Excavator is the only way to fast travel back to stash. Additionally, if you have both Excavator arms, and you mine an ore, you get 4x yield as a bonus. Here's some info about obtaining the Excavator set



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