And why it's good to have multiple
Jan 05, 2020

Mutations are usually considered as something bad, but here in F76 they are must-have. One might think that mutating in Fallout game is rather dangerous and unwanted, but that's not the case with the mutation system in Fallout 76. It's just another layer of customization of your character. You lose something in order to gain something else.

Class Freak and Starched Genes These perks are needed to start having fun with mutations, they are located in Luck category. Class freak reduces negative effects of your mutations by 25%/50%/75%. First level of Starched Genes gives less chance to mutate from rads or for RadAway to cure mutations, level 2 guarantee us that we will never mutate from Rads and RadAway won't cure mutations. Remember that using this card doesn't disable a effects from using serums.

Must-have perks, Photo: Gray770

Where to get mutations? There are two ways to get a new mutaton. You can gain mutations randomly, from radiation, or in planned way, by using mutation serums. Be smart and buy serums from players Vendors, not from MODUS. The average price of serum is between 300 and 400 caps. How to cure mutation? There is no way to cure mutation you wanted, it's based on RNG. If you want only one gone, you must erase them one by one until you get rid of the one you don't want, and after that you need to regain lost mutations. To cure mutation you must use RadAway or enter Decontamination Shower without Starched Genes equipped.


Adrenal ReactionHigher weapon Damage at low HPMax HP -50
Bird BonesAgility +4, less damage from fallingStrength -4
Carnivore2x benefits from eating meat and no disease.
Vegetables and fruit doesn't satisfy hunger
ChameleonInvisibility in combat if unarmored and standing still.Must be unarmored and stand still.
Eagle EyesCritical damage +25%, Perception +4Strength -4
Egg HeadIntelligence +6Strength -3, Endurance -3
Electrically ChargedChance to shock melee attackersSmall amount of shock damage deal to player
EmpathTeammates take 25% less damagePlayer takes 33% more damage
GroundedEnergy Resistance +100Energy Damage -50%
Healing FactorHealth Regeneration while not in combat +300%Chem effects -55%
Herbivore2x benefits from eating vegetables and fruit and no disease.Eating meat doesn't satisfy hunger
Herd mentality+2 to every S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat when in group-2 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats when solo
MarsupialHigher jump, carry weight +20Intelligence -4
Plague WalkerPoison aura which scales with your diseasesEffects from diseases
Scaly skinDamage and Energy Resistance +50Action points -50
Speed DemonMovement speed and faster reload +20%50% faster drain of hunger and thirst while moving
TalonsPunching attacks 25+ damage + bleed damageAgility -4
Twisted MusclesMelee damage +25%, higher chance to cripple limb.Gun accuracy -50%
Unstable IsotopeChance to release a radiation blast when attacked in melee.Radiation blast affects player too.



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Article by Gray770