Regenerating health and action points
Priorities in practice
Jan 05, 2020
The main strategies used for regenerating health in PvP are:
  • Stay away and let Healing Factor do its thing
  • Supplement that by stimpacks
  • Supplement that by AID-spam
If you're not engaged in PvP, and you're further than 10 meters from your opponent, your Healing Factor mutation kicks in and starts regenerating your health. On longer distances, quite often this provides enough protection to let you continue shooting despite being shot yourself. FullHP players often tend to add quicker-stimpack consumption perk First Aid, and Born Survivor that instantly triggers the stim if your HP goes down. Some players additionally consume ridiculous amounts of no-animation consumables, such as nuka-colas, to regenerate their health and action points rapidly. Action Points AP regeneration has two types: passive and active. Passive is based on your Action Boy Perk Card and on AP Refresh Legendary Armor effects. Active are either from consuming AID items and from percentage effects such as Grim Reapers Spirit. When it comes to having enough action points to do what you want to do, one of great strategies is not to spend the AP at all.



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Article by imprezobus