a story of potential wasted
Jan 05, 2020
Workshops could be the hubs of player to player interactions if they were given some love. They are PvP arenas that once kickstarted produce resources passively. Currently, they face following problems: First and foremost, you are not able to save your workshop configuration, then decide to load your previous save and continue where you left of. As a results, the objects with the greatest potential for amazing things to happen barely have anything happening in them because it's such a mess to set them up, and you lose it all to a disconnect. Then, the rewards are mostly barely worth the effort. It's a tiny source of additional income while doing something else. If you're not investing in a longer play session, it's quite often more profitable to just spend the time looting for junk than setting up the workshop. If you really have to take one, as long as you're within its building zone, you must remain crouched at all times - its the only way not to be seen on map and not to be raided. If configured, they produce limited amount of resources thats capped at maximum stored value, and if not emptied every half an hour, they stop producing stuff. They should be boosted to the point that having control over them is one of most profitable methods of making an income. They should be desired, so that people would organise themselves for group attempts to control as many as they can maintain and extract from. This would form an actual, calculable incentive for players to gather up in communities and start competing for resources. It would provide a trigger for the players that have so far burned themselves when touching F76 PvP an impulse to retry, overcome and join in what is definitely the most interesting aspect of F76 - the PvP. Right now, the PvP is mostly some scattered groups of players blindly running around, trying to find each other, and toppling down some random peoples shit on the way as an attempts to provoke retaliation. Lone, unprepared players are met with groups of cooperating raiders and obliterated. Groups of casuals cheerfully playing together sees a workshop and they decide "well let's try this whole PvP thing", and they pick up one owned by proper PvPer, that takes forty bullets in the back, turns around and eliminates the opposing team in two seconds, and they are like "WTF never again this hacker loving bullshit", without knowledge that they shoot without stagger perks, against a Sentinel target, on long range thats allows their Healing Factor to kick in, regenerate their health, and outheal the damage received, and they all go in grouped, against somebody who ends them in 8 critical hits spent in single magazine. This is not a welcoming environment to try competing, but once you're past the knowledge barrier, it's really fun. If there was an actual incentive to compete for the workshop resources, if players would feel that they're missing on a nice cake without participating in this whole workshop thing, they would organise themselves to get it, but right now there's little to gain from them, so mostly nothing is happening around. There's one nice aspect of how workshops can be used for player benefits. Some of the CAMP objects that can be placed limited times in your CAMP, can be placed with higher limit in Workshops. Famous example from 2019 Christmas 2019 was placing two Santatrons perk workshop to maximise the claim of their "gifts".



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Article by imprezobus